Jen Herrmann

A writer, filmmaker, and adventurer making her way through creativity.


The following titles are available on as Kindle editions.


SpadesSpades Cover

Julie just wanted to save a man’s life, not get pulled into a battle against the world’s top terrorist organization. When she rescues the mysterious Zeke from drowning, though, she finds herself drawn into his world of secret plots, everyday agents, and danger at every turn from an organization called Spades. Her travel writing assignment soon turns into a race against the clock and around the world to stop their latest takeover attempt before it’s too late.

Short Stories

nightmare coverThe Nightmare on the Trail

The Appalachian Trail is a hiker’s dream, and Mike and Steve are two days away from holding the world record for fastest time. But as they reach the end, they find out that the frightening night noises of the woods are much realer than they could have ever imagined. Their dream is about to become a nightmare.

babble coverBabble

In a world of memory-enhancing implants and space stations, Earth has long been left behind. But when the crew of the Barmer IV encroaches on the territory of the Halpitians in the far reaches of the galaxy, the strangers scramble their language in order to stop them from continuing to build. Will they find a way to fix the communication that has gone haywire in their brains before their expansion receives a harsher punishment?

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